How to build an office cube rabbit enclosure

Even if you have rabbit proofed your home toughly you should not leave you rabbit to roam unsupervised for long periods of time, for instance when you are at work or in bed. Rabbit are good at testing the boundaries of their environment which given enough time will lead them into trouble. You may return home from work to find you rabbit has managed to tug up your carpet and has spent the day eating a hole in it or wake up to discover you rabbit has found a way to jump and climb up onto a table surface and chew through the wires to a lamp.
Office cube rabbit enclosure
Office cube rabbit enclosures are cheap customisable and lost of fun for your rabbit

There are lots of types of indoor enclosure including a large dog crate, a box room designed set up for your rabbit alone or a pen. This article look as another alternative which is popular where you build an enclosure by lashing together storage cube shelving. These are grids of wire about 12″ across originally designed for office storage however with a pack of cable ties and some imagination and a little effort can be used to create your rabbit his own enclosure with lots of levels and area.

The advantage of this type of systems are

  • It can be made to fit into any area of your home
  • It can be extended or re-arranged to keep enriching your rabbit enclosure
  • You can add levels to build it upwards

The disadvantages of this type of system is:

  • It will take practice skills to make it
  • It will take some time to put together
  • You are going to have to buy the bits separately

How to build a simple enclosure

Step 1. Making the walls The first step is to build the four sides of the enclosure, these are going to be made by lashing together the sheets to effectively make bigger sheets. It’s going to be rectangular so you will need a couple of end walls two grids across by two high and a couple of side walls, three grids across to by two high. To lash them together lay the grids out then at each section of the grid wrap the cable tie around the wires and pull it tight. Don’t worry about cutting of the excess now as this is easier to do at the end. Once you have made the walls stand them up and lash them together. It may seem wobbly at first and you may need a second pair of hands at this stage but as you build the more of the box it will become surprisingly rigid.

Step 2. Making the roof Next you will need to make the roof, in the same way that you made one on the sides lash together a grid of three by two sheets. Once the roof sheet is complete lash the roof to the walls along the back edge and along the connecting sides half way into the middle. The reason for this is to create a lid that is hinged in the middle so you can open it up and reach in. To secure the final side attach a couple of spring clips along the edge to stop it opening up and slide a piece of wood through at the top along the edge for support and attach it to the roof with cable ties.

Step 3. Adding a door The last stage is to add a door. Simply cut the cable ties along three of the edges of one of the grids and this will naturally hinge open. Use a small spring clamp to make a door lock.

Shopping list

  • 20 x boxes of storage cube grids
  • 1 large pack of cable ties
  • 3 small spring clamps

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