Ideas for free DIY cardboard box toys for your rabbit

Most house rabbit owners discover the benefits of leaving a card board box out for their rabbits to play with. Not only is it a free toy that can keep a bored bunny entertained for literally hours, it’s also good in many other ways.
rabbit toy cardboard box
Every rabbit want their own cardboard box

Why boxes are good…

  • They are lots of fun to play with.
  • It can make a great hideaway that will make large open areas friendlier to play in.
  • It will provide a source of fibre that can help with digestion.
  • It can also be used to put other chew toys in to help contain some of the mess that can spread around.
  • It will help wear down you rabbits teeth that grow constantly throughout their life.
  • It can be turned into a digging box filled with digging and shredding material to play in.

Choosing a box

rabbit playing cardboard box toys tube

Choose a box that’s big enough for you rabbit to fit in comfortably as they will want to turn around in it, the bigger the better. It’s important to remove any staples and tape as this can be dangerous if your rabbit eats it so make sure it can be folded together to keep it sturdy. Make sure it’s made from a plain cardboard without heavy ink printed on it or colouring and avoid boxes with plastic or shiny finishes, the more natural looking the better. Lastly think about were the box may have been stored and what’s been stored in it as this may have left chemical residues that could be harmful. The best sort of boxes come from supermarkets that once contain food.

Preparing the box

rabbit playing cardboard box-tube

Its best to fold the flaps of the box over them selves so it holds together then place the box with the folded side on the floor. You may want to cut a couple of hole in the side to let your bunny pop in and out however it won’t be long before these holes will appear on their own. A great way to make this toy more fun is to cut a hole in the side and stuff a tube in to it.

Jon Shaw, one the bunny proofing facebook groups veteran members shows us how he prepares a box for his bunnies

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