Rabbit care safety check list

Follow our safety check list to make sure you have done all the important bunny proofing jobs around your home to make it safe for your rabbit so you can relay without the worry of your rabbit coming to harm.
Rabbit chewing wires
Don’t leave it to chance, follow the check list and make sure your bunnys safe

Bunny proofing your home is essential when you live with a house rabbit as there are lots of ways a curious bunny can come to harm. Rabbits have very strong urges to chew and explore and even when supervised it only takes your back to be turned for a moment for them to get into trouble from electrical cables, toxic plants, areas under furniture that have staples and splinters as well as getting trapped inside your sofa which is a nightmare for you and your rabbit. Don’t take the chances and end up with a costly vet bill or worse following our bunny proofing check list so you can relax with your bunny without roaming freely without the worry.


  • Provide a secure and completely safe environment such as a pet pen when your bunny is unsupervised at night or when you are at work.
  • Never allow you bunny to play in areas you share unsupervised.
  • Take your shoes off in your home and always be careful where you walk, bunnies can easily get tangled between your feet or trodden underfoot.
  • If you give your rabbit cardboard boxes or paper to play make sure its untreated paper remove any tape or staples.
  • Store anything that you lean against the walls that could fall on your rabbit securely such as bicycles, washing racks, ironing boards, brooms.


  • Never allow your house rabbit access to unprotected power cords.
  • Always keep batteries out of reach.
  • Keep objects that can be hot like light bulbs or curling tongs out of reach.


  • Don’t let your house rabbit eat your carpet as the synthetic materials can be harmful if digested.

Wooden furniture

  • Don’t let your rabbit play under furniture as there could be unfinished surfaces with spinsters, nails, staples or synthetic materials that could be harmful if digested.How to block of crawl spaces


  • Avoid trapping toes under a door your rabbit is behind by installing a pet or baby gate


  • Don’t place hot food or sharp objects on you sofa as house rabbit will often jump up without looking.
  • Block of access to the underside of wooden framed sofas that may have unfinished materials like nails, house rabbits can even crawl inside.How to stop your rabbit going under and behind furniture
  • Don’t leave a space behind your sofa in case it slides back and squashes your house rabbit.
  • Chairs with reclining mechanisms and rocking chairs should be avoided as they can be very dangerous for house rabbits as they could become trapped and hurt.
  • If you house rabbit likes climbing on your sofa be careful not to pile up loose cushions that could cause your house rabbit to slip and fall.

Yard or garden

  • Never use gardening equipment such as weed strimmers or lawn mowers in front of your rabbit
  • Never leave anything out that can be harmful such as cigarette butts, slug pellets or other fertilisers, poisons or insecticides
  • Avoid using fertilisers, poisons or insecticides in areas your rabbit can roam in
  • Make sure your rabbit has plenty of safe places to hide from predators
  • Don’t leave things resting against walls such as rakes or bikes that can get knocked over and fall on your rabbit

House plants

  • Many house plants are poisons to rabbits make sure the are out of reach and check to make sure your rabbit cant climb and stretch to get to them
  • Don’t let your rabbit drink the water from watering trays which can contain harmful chemicals
  • Don’t place plant pots or flower vases near the edge of furniture tops in case its knocked or pulled off and falls on your rabbit
  • Check falling leaves can’t land in areas they you rabbit can roam


  • Don’t leave any cleaning chemicals where you rabbit can reach them
  • Store lotions, creams and washing products out of reach
  • Don’t leave medicines where they can be reached
  • Make sure there is not an easy way your rabbit can jump into your bath
  • Keep the toilet lit shut
  • Keep the shower doors shut

Curtains and blinds

  • Don’t let your house rabbit eat your curtains. The synthetic or fire treated materials could harm them if digested
  • Make sure loops of cords or material are tied up out of reach or you rabbit could get caught in them and get hurt


  • Don’t leave any cleaning chemicals where you rabbit can reach them
  • Block of spaces under cupboards and dressers and down the side of appliances
  • Make sure the floor is clean and free from anything that can be harmful such as plastic bags or rubber bands
  • Don’t let your rabbit roam in you kitchen when you are cooking as they can get underfoot and cause an accident

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