How to stop your rabbit chewing wall paper

If you let your bunny roam freely in your home your walls and wallpaper are likely to become damaged from chewing and scratching. You can prevent much of this costly damage by adding some simple bunny proofing protection. In this article we show you the best ways to stop this unwanted behaviour used by veteran house rabbit owners that really works. From laying ceramic tiles against troubled spots or making a digging box to keep your rabbit out of trouble find out what you can do now before you end up having to make expensive repairs.
Damage from rabbit chewing walls & wallpaper
Stop the damage before is spreads!

The base of walls especially the edges and corners all lie at a convenient height for your rabbit to take an interest in. The first signs may be small areas of damage where the paper is nibbled however as your bunny returns to these areas and gets more purchase larger areas of damage can occur spreading across the wall as sections of paper are torn off in strips. This can leave you home looking tatty and eventual leave you needing to make expensive repairs.

Its very hard to prevent your rabbit from forming habits around this behaviour no matter how many times to say NO! it only takes a moments distractions for more damage to be done.

You can however prevent a lot of this damage using some of the simple and effective bunny proofing techniques. Read on to find out lots of tried and tested ways to prevent this damage and bad habits forming as well as alternatives ways to enrich your rabbis environment to focus attention on a more suitable alternatives that will keep your bunny out of trouble.

Plastic corner protectors for walls are commercialy available.

wall paper chewed by a rabbit

If your rabbit likes to nibble at the soft plaster edges of the corner of your walls its best to take action quickly to stop this before the wall paper gets shredded and it spreads across the wall. A simple way to protect fragile edges is to use a simple commercial product design specificity to stop this damage. You may have seen these L shaped length of tough plastic in public buildings and you can buy them yourself in most DIY store. They can be cut down as they dont need to stretch the full height of the all be attached with some sticky pads or adhesive.

Ceramic tiles and cardboard boxes can be used to protect wall areas

Rabbit play with cardboard box

Areas of walls next to doors or baseboards where you rabbit likes to sit nearly always receive some attention. A simple way to provide temporary protection is to keep a few ceramic tile handy and lay them up against the walls in these areas. These can then be packed away when not needed.

Alternative a cardboard box can be used to block access to an area of a wall till attention can be focused elsewhere. Again a spare tile can be useful if placed in the bottom of the box to stop it being moved around.

Provide some acceptable chewing alternatives

Rabbit playing in digging box

Wall paper tends to get chewed as rabbits are always looking for things to gnaw on to help wear down their teeth and provide digestive fibber. It is important to enrich you rabbits environment by providing lots of safe and acceptable alternatives that will act as a tasty distraction. Toys your bunny can play in such as tunnels, wicker toys, and card board boxes are also great for keeping your rabbit out of trouble. Remember to replace these frequently as they will loose there novelty and appeal.

One of the best toys that most bunny love and is also free is a digging box. You can make this out of a simple cardboard box filled with suitable martial like paper. This will help your bunny to excessive its need to dig and shred without damaging your home or leaving you with any mess as it will be contained.

Training and the best way to tell you rabbit off to discrouage them.

Rabbit training using a water mister

You should never shout at or hit your rabbit as this could not only cause them harm it can make them timid and antisocial or even aggressive towards you. The best way to let your rabbit know its now allowed to do something is with a firm NO! If this does not work a stronger deterrent can be to keep a water mister to hand and when you catch your rabbit chewing or scratching spray a mist of cold water over them. Alternatively use a empty jar filled with coins that you can shake at them. Remember to only do this if you catch your rabbit in the act or it will be wasted and they will not understand why they are being disciplined.

How to use bitter spray to stop chewing

Bitter sprays can help make the corners of walls and wall paper a lot less appealing to chew on. They are not likely to stop chewing damage completely on their own but will work well with other remedies. To stop the spray going everywhere spray it onto a cloth then wipe it on the areas of walls affected. We would recommend avoiding home made remedies such as perfume or chilly oil and instead use a recognised bitter spray like the Grannick Bitter Apple Spray For Small-AnimalsGrannick Bitter Apple Spray for small animals which is designed for bunnys and remember to keep reapplying the bitter spray regularly so it doesn”t lose its effectiveness

Bunnyproofing checklist

  • Keep a cardboard boxes or a ceramic tiles handy to cover an area of wall paper where chewing occurs.
  • Cover the corners of walls with some plastic L shaped guard your can purchase from a DIY store

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