How to stop your Rabbit chewing Cables & Wires

It can be dangerous, even deadly to let you rabbit have access to electrical power cords because they will chew them. It only takes your back to be turned for a moment and their sharp teeth to cut through the soft plastic and for serious harm to be done. Find out the best ways to protect cables with plastic tubing, see our tricks for hiding cables behind furniture and follow our check list to make sure your home is safe.
Damage from rabbit chewing electrical wires

Rabbits teeth can cut through wires in an instant. Find out how to protect them and make your home safe
It is important for your house rabbits health and happiness that you share lots of time together, for most people this involves relaxing at home in front of the TV with your rabbit roaming in the room.
Unfortunately these electrical devices and their power leads can be very dangerous even deadly if chewed on by your bunny unaware of the dangers of electrocution.
The soft plastic insulation around a power cord offers no protection from a rabbits razor sharp teeth that are made for chewing through tough roots and shoots and as soon as their wet mouth comes into contact with the wires inside they can receive a significant shock.
The crawl spaces around the back of your TV or stereo centre can be especially dangerous for a curious house rabbit that can go unnoticed in this place till its too late.
Unfortunately you can’t train your house rabbit not to chew on things, they have a strong natural drive to do this and they forget a telling of easily.
The constant distraction of repeatedly saying NO can also mean the time you spend with them becomes less of a pleasure and more of an annoyance.
The answer is to bunny proof all the electrical equipment to make the cables and devices safe for your house rabbit to roam freely around and below we have collected lot of tried and tested methods for doing this.
Find out how by moving some of your furniture around to cleverly hide power leads or by invest in some plastic tubing to wrap around more exposed cables you can quickly and simply make the room safe. We also have tips on how to block of crawl spaces around the back of your TV or stereo discreetly prevent access and harm.
We also have some great tips and tricks on what alternative you can privide to kepp you rabbit out of trouble and what training is possible to help you to relax and allow your house rabbit can roam freely without having to unplug everything first.

Hide electrical cables in plastic wall conduit to be safe

You can’t take any chances with your house rabbit, they will chew your power cables which can be fatal.Plastic conduit mounted on the wall aground the edge of the room is an ideal way of permanently protecting electrical cables and preventing the danger of electrocution. It can take a little effort to install however it only needs doing once and is a tidy and permanent solution to hiding the cables away. Lead the cables around the room then up the wall high enough to keep them out of reach.

Split length tubing can protect a cable from house rabbit chewing

Sometimes it is hard to avoid areas where power cables need to stretch across a living space leaving them exposed which can be dangerous, even fatal if your house rabbit chews through them. Split length tubing can be used to permanently protect power leads and the hard plastic is adequately to stop the most tenacious chewing. To install it first cut the tubing to the correct length then as the name suggests cut the tube along its length so It can be slipped over the lead making sure none of it is exposed. You can secure the end with some duct tape in case your house rabbit tugs at it.

Use cable tidies to protect leads from your house rabbit

It can be tricky to protect low voltage, thinner electrical cables like mobile phone or tablet PC recharge’s and still leave them flexible enough to use easily. Cable tidies are ideal to guard against the occasional chewing from a rabbit but still leave enough movement for everyday use. They are a tube made of a spiral plastic that you can slip a number of leads into, they are cheap and widely available from office supply shop. Wrap the cable tidies around the exposed areas from end to end and even secure it with some tape.

Move furniture in front of plugs to limit the danger

Unfortunately if you have easy access to the plug and electrical sockets in your home then its likely your rabbit has too which can be extremely dangerous. By re-arranging the furniture in your room to limit the amount of exposed power cables you can greatly improve safety. Move furniture with electrical items on them in front of a plug socket, by keeping the leads off the floor and pushing it tight up against the wall you can hide all the dangerous bits away.

Hide cables behind furniture to stop your house rabbit chewing on them

If you have any power cables trailing across rooms where your rabbit can roam then for your rabbits safety you need to move them out of reach. A convenient way to do this is to simply use some well placed furniture as natural bridges or protection. Trail power cables that cross your room behind book shelves or cabinets pushed up against the wall. Move items of furniture together and train the cables across the top to bridge gaps and keep it off the floor.

Place electrical appliances on a shelf out of reach of your house rabbit

Anything you are interested in is also going to be interest to your house rabbit. When It comes to electrical equipment this can be dangerous and lead to expensive repairs. The best way to leave access to your electrical devices and still prevent your house rabbit getting to them is simple. You can stack up the home entertainment units you have off the floor on a shelf or on top of a cabinet then this is an easy way to keep them out of harms reach. You then also have the advantage of only having to protect the single lead of a multiple adapter up to the equipment.

Stop your house rabbit going behind your TV or stereo center

House rabbits love to explore and it can be hard to keep them out of areas like behind you TV or stereo. Rather then trying to protect all the individual cables or backs of devices it can be simpler to block access to the whole area to ensure it is safe. Start by housing all the loose devices together in a cabinet, If it has glass doors you will still be able to use your remotes.
Carefully position the units against the wall or in the corner so you can then block of access from the sides with some other bis of furniture or ornaments. If you don’t want to block of the gap with a large object you can use some desecrate sheets of perspex or a couple of sections of a pet pen. Remember to enrich your rabbits environment with lots of tunneling alternatives to keep them out of trouble.

Wild instincts

Rabbits have a formidable set of teeth that they use to chew roots and shoots that grow into their burrows or paths. The soft plastic of an electrical cable offers little resistance compared to the tough fibrous roots and shoots they are used to and can be sliced through in seconds.

Hide your remote controls from your house rabbit or they will be chewed

One tell tale sign that a house rabbit lives in a home are the little chew marks you find as they try out materials with their teeth and the buttons on remote controls seem irresistible. It only takes a moment for your back to be turned and the next thing you know, you have a pile of neatly shaved on buttons making changing channel more of a memory game. Find a permanent place to leave you remote that’s out of reach and get in the habit of putting it there when you not directly using it.

Make sure your house rabbit is safe around your speakers

Anything at you rabbits level could be damaged by shard teeth and nails and speakers can often lay directly in the path of such destruction. The soft martial speakers are made of can be irreparably damaged and the expensive cables can be sliced through in seconds. Place your speakers on a solid set of stands and protect the cables with some cable tidies. Make sure you don’t place things on top of them that could fall if they are nudged. If you can’t put them on stands then you can screen them of with some section of pet pen which wont effect the Sound quality.

Providing safe and acceptable alternatives

Your rabbit will always want to try out new things to nibble and chew, this instinctive behaviour can be hard to stop. You can however help prevent some of the damage by providing some safe and acceptable alternatives such as willow sticks and wooden chew toys. Remember to replace them regularly to keep your rabbit interested.

Bunny proofing checklist

Safety issues

  • Never allow your house rabbit access to unprotected power cords
  • Don’t place heavy objects on top of speakers that could fall and hurt your house rabbit
  • Block off access to the space behind your TV that can contain exposed power cables. See How to block of crawl spaces
  • Always keep batteries out of reach
  • Keep objects that can be hot like light bulbs or curling tongs out of reach

See out complete safety check list

General bunny proofing

  • Cover exposed power cords with plastic tubing
  • Hide plug sockets behind furniture to limit cables trailing across the room
  • Trail cables behind or over the top of furniture to keep it out of reach
  • Block off access to the space behind your TV
  • Cover your speaker cables in plastic tubing
  • Never place heavy object on your speakers
  • Never leave electrical appliances like phones, laptops where then can be reached
  • Ensure light bulbs cannot be touched
  • Always move your remote controls out of reach
  • Always provide chewing alternatives such as wooden chew toys. See our Top10 chew toys

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