How to stop your house rabbit digging everything

Rabbits with a strong urge to dig and burrow can cause quite a lot of unwelcome damage. Carpet or flooring can be torn up and the soil can be knocking out of a plant pots. You can’t stop the urge to dig but there are some simple rabbit proofing ideas that can be used to limit the problems it can cause.
Rabbit chewing hole in sofa
Rabbits love to dig, find out how to avoid the mess and costly repairs by stopping your rabbit damaging your carpet, sofas and plant pots.
How to make a box for your rabbit to dig in
Rabbits who like to dig need to be provided with an acceptable alternative. A great distraction can be to use a cardboard box with an open top, then place a phone book in there that you rabbit can tear up. The box makes it easier to tidy up the mess. Its important to keep an eye on how much your bunny eats of printed materials as this can be harmful.
Tiles can be used to stop your rabbit digging up carpet
If your rabbit starts to dig up the carpet around the edge or corner of a room then try laying some ceramic tiles over the areas. This holds the carpet down and stops your getting access to it. Although not a permanent solution these can however be easily removed when your rabbit is not freely roaming.
Mats and rugs will protect your carpet from a rabbit digging
A more permanent solution is to lay some cheap mats or rugs over areas where you rabbit has been digging away at floor surfaces. Its easier to replace these then an area of carpet. Carpet stores often sell the square samples and these can be great to through down when you need them. Keep an eye on them to check your rabbit hasn't been eating them as this could make it unwell.
How to stop your rabbit digging in your plant pots
If your house rabbit starts to dig up the soil in the plant pots in your house its best to stop this strait away as it can lead to more problems such as eating the plant or falling leaves. You can cover the surface with some stones from a garden centre, they style met to keep the moisture in. In the long ran Its best to remove any plants that your rabbit has access to as they will always be a possible temptation.