How to make your Bathroom safe for your Rabbit

Bathrooms can be a dangerous places for a rabbit. Without knowing the danger they can hurt themselves by jumping into the toilet or shower or by spilling cleaning chemicals on themselves. Find out how to make your bathroom safe with our check list and discover lots of great bunny proofing tips.
Rabbit playing in the bathroom
Your rabbit may like playing in the bathroom. Find out how you can make it safe.

Its best to keep your rabbit out of your bathroom as its not a very suitable space for them to play in. Its most likely the only thing they will do is get under feet, chew the floor surfaces, mats or cabinets causing damage and leaving you with costly repairs.

There are also lots of potential dangers in the bathroom. Rabbits will often leaping without looking where they land and can hurt themselves if they end up in your toilet bowl or struggling to get out of a shower tray or bath. Many of the cleaning products can also be dangerous if they come into contact with your rabbit skin or worst their mouth.

The best way of preventing problems in the bathroom is simply to keep the door shut however it only takes a moment for your rabbit to nip in, do some damage and come to harm so we recommend following these simple bunny proofing measures.

Follow the steps in this article and learning how to block of crawl spaces like behind free standing sinks, secure cupboard doors with child catches and find out what safe and acceptable alternatives you can get for you rabbit to keep them out of trouble.

Keep the lid down and your rabbit safe

If your house rabbit jumps into your toilet which unfortunately can happen it can be very distressing and serious harm can be done in the panic to free itself. The combination of water, chemicals and slippery surfaces can literally be lethal. Always make sure you keep the lid shut and if you have other family members that are forgetful make sure they follow this advice also.

Keep chemicals, medicines out of reach

Cupboard safety lock

House rabbits are comfortable crawling into tight spaces, in their natural environment its essential for them to seek shelter from danger. Unfortunately these out of the way places can also be where we tend to tuck things away we don”t want to leave out in the bathrooms.

Make sure all cleaning chemicals are stored out of reach. Remove anything that is tucked away behind a sink or toilet or down the side of bath or shower in a cupboard that cant be accessed. If you cant be sure these cupboards will be kept shut by other family members you may want to install child safety catches to stop them being interfered with.

Place all medicines in a cabinet and be careful not to drop anything on the floor that could be harmful if eaten. If you have a bin on the floor make sure it has a lit that can be closed.

Make sure the floor is clean and tidy

Rabbits are always on the forage for things to eat, its important to make sure you keep the floor in the bathroom clear of anything that you don’t want chewed such as cloths or shoes and that there is nothing laying around that may cause harm if eaten such as elastic or rubber bands, hair clips or other things such as ear buds and discarded tissues or cosmetic removal sponges. Remember to move all paper roles or packs of wipes or tissues out of reach.

Store shampoos, lotion and razors out of reach

Shower tidy

Find a place to store soaps, lotions and perfumes out of the way. There are lots of great storage solutions that you can use to keep these out of the way and still easily reachable.

Remove sharp object like razors and scissors from the side of the bath or shower and store them out the way also.

Restrict access to the bath or shower

The combination of smoother slipper surfaces and water can be very dangerous so make sure you always shut the doors to a shower and remove anything that may let you rabbit jump into the bath indirectly such as a laundry box or shelves. If there is a surface next to the bath you rabbit could jump onto place something on the edge to put them of jumping up there.

Vinyl or carpet flooring

Rabbits are strong digger and can easily pull up, shred and chew soft vinyl or carpet bathroom flooring. This damage can develop rapidly and before you know it you can be forced to make expense repairs or even replacing the whole floor. If your rabbit eats this material this can also be harmful as the synthetic materials can affect their digestion. If you do notice your rabbit taking an interest in the floor its best to stop this immediately before it becomes a habit. Follow this article below on bunny proofing floors for more help and information.

Bunnyproofing checklist

  • Place child locks on cupboard doors to stop them being left open.
  • Never leave anything on the floor you don’t want chewed such as cloths, shoes or towels

Safety checklist

  • Don’t leave any cleaning chemicals where you rabbit can reach them
  • Store lotions, creams and washing products out of reach
  • Don’t leave medicines where they can be reached
  • Make sure there is not an easy way your rabbit can jump into your bath
  • Keep the toilet lit shut
  • Keep the shower doors shut

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