The complete guide to bunny proofing your walls and wallpaper

bunny chewed wallpaper baseboard
If you don't stop them your bunny can strip wallpaper quicker than a decorator

If you let your bunny roam freely in your home your walls and wallpaper are likely to become damaged from chewing and scratching over time. The first signs may be small areas of damage where the paper is nibbled but as your bunny returns to these areas and gets more purchase on torn edges larger areas of damage can occur spreading across the wall. Some bunnies have even been known to start eating the walls which can be costly to repair and is also not very healthy for your bunny.

It's very hard to prevent your bunnies destructive behavior if they develop this habit and no matter how many times to say NO! it only takes a moments distraction for more damage to be done. The best way to prevent the damage is to use some simple and effective bunny proofing techniques before the damage occurs

In the following guide we show you some of the tried and tested ways other bunny moms use to cover and protect areas of wallpaper including how to use simple obstacles such as ceramic tiles or pet pen fencing to block access to parts of walls frequently visited by your bunny as well as more permanently ways to fix the problem with some simple DIY.

We also go deeper into what causes this behavior and have some great enrichment ideas people have discovered to keep their bunny occupied and away from their walls. We also show you how to use the appropriate amount of discipline without causing stress.

Follow the guide here to learn more so you can keep your wallpaper intact and live stress free with your bunny.