The complete guide to bunny proofing your doors and door frames

bunny chewed door
If you find your door frames are on the menu for your bunny here's how to bunny proof them

If you find your doors and door frames are on the menu for your bunny the important thing is to put a stop to it as soon as you can before serious and costly repairs are needed. In the following guide we have some great bunny proofing advice collected from other long serving bunny moms on how to tackle this very frustrating problem.

Including practice ideas on how to protect your doors and door frames like, how to install plastic corner strips or a great trick of using some old ceramic tiles to shield areas from further damage.

We also cover the benefits of using a pet gate to make you and your bunnies life easier.

Relax at home without all the stress of this tricky problem

We also talk about the reasons why you bunny is chewing your doors or door frames, bunnies love to chew and not only for food but also to shape the environment around them. Bunnies also communicate using their teeth to make a verity of noises from gentle tooth click to full tantrums where things are pick up and tossed about. They can easily learn that the sound of them chewing a door will get them attention. Find out how to better manage your bunnies behavior and how you own behavior effects it. We also discuss what discipline is appropriate as well as the best toys to keep your bunny occupied and out of trouble.

Follow the guides here to make sure your doors and door frames are protected, and you can relax at home without all the stress that can build up around this tricky problem.