The complete guide to bunny proofing your baseboards

bunny chewed baseboard corner
Make sure your baseboards are bunny proofed before it's too late

Chewing your baseboards can be very tempting to a bunny, they lie at a convenient height as they roam around your home. Bunnies are tenacious chewers and have razor sharp teeth that can easily chomp through soft wood. Over time this can leave your baseboards looking tatty or even lead to some serious damage requiring expensive repairs.

It can be very hard to stop this naughty behavior and no matter how many times to say NO! it can only take a moment for more damage to be done. You can however take some steps to prevent it by using some of the simple tried and tested bunny proofing techniques.

In this guide we have collected lots of great ideas from bunny owners who have fixed this problem including ways to quickly protect wood like using ceramic tiles to cover an area until you can refocus attention on a more suitable alternative as well as that other more permanent types of protection such as plastic corner guards.

We have looked at some of the reasons behind this behavior and covered the benefits of using training, appropriate discipline as well as show you some of the best enrichment ideas people have discovered.

So don't leave it till its to late, follow the simple guides below so you can relax without the worry.