Can I keep a rabbit without grass?

It is possible to keep a rabbit in a yard without grass or even indoors but you will need to feed it the right food and ensure its environment suitable. Here’s how…
Rabbit eating hay

Rabbits don’t need grass if they have lots of hay and greens

Types of surface
If you rabbit does not have access to grass its important to provide a good diet made up of a range of things including lots of fresh hay and green food such as spinach, kale and greens to keep them healthy and happy. They will not suffer if they don’t have grass to eat if you provide these.
What types of surface are best or may cause problems
Rabbits can adapt to many surfaces however if it’s a rough surface like a concerted yard or a carpeted indoor surface and your rabbit does not have much guard hair (furry feet), such as in the case of short haired breads like Rex’s then you may need to check their hocks or heal area on there back feet as these can become sore. If your yard has a concrete surface you may want to lay down some other softer more insulated materials such as a few sheet of wood to break it up a bit. If you do notice saw areas on your rabbits feed then speak to your vet and they will give you the best advice.
Outdoor shelter
Rabbits instinctively burrow to create shelter from predictors. If you rabbit is in a yard where they cannot do this always make sure they have access to an alternative sheltered area that it can go in. Always make sure they have somewhere at night that’s completely secure to keep them warm and unacceptable to predictors.
Tiles flooring
If you have tiles flooring this can be a bit slippery for rabbits and this may make them timid and unwilling to explore spaces. Older rabbis especially will stick to areas where they cant get good purchase with their feet. If you rabbit is skidding about then it can be a good idea to get some mats to through down or some off cuts of wool carpet can work especially well.
Digging carpet instead
Its very hard to stop your rabbits instinct to dig and if they cant dig in soil you may find your rabbit chewing and digging the carpet or other floor coverings instead. This can lead to some costly damage. See our article on carpets below to find out more.
Take your rabbit for a walk
If you think your rabbit is missing out on the experience of running around on grass then why not get your rabbit to harness and lead and take it to a garden or park. You may want to get it used to the harness first a bit in your home then take him for a walk. Its excellent exercise for them!
Grass mats
An other alternative to real grass is to buy some grass mats, they are relatively inexpensive and a number of them can be used to cover an area.
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