Bunny proofing memes

Having a scene of humour is essential if you live with a house rabbit because sometime if you didn’t laugh you would cry. To let you know your not alone we have compiled a bunny proof meme base to help you laugh along.
naughty rabbit funny meme
Rabbits have incredibly sensitive hearing especially when its treats rattling in their treat jar.
rabbit board game funny meme
After all what’s the point of board games if you are not allowed to eat the board?
rabbit breaks plant pot funny meme
But who does the cat blame?
rabbit chew book case funny meme
Most rabbits have a highly sophisticated taste in literature, they specialty like the taste of paper backs.
rabbit chew book cover funny meme
Bunnies tent to like to try a few books before they get stuck into one.
rabbit chew books funny meme
Rabbits love nothing more than digesting a good book.
rabbit chew cable funny meme
Rabbits will take on any cable in your house and win.
rabbit chew couch bunny meme
Rabbits can’t say no to a TV dinner on the couch, the only problem is the couch is the dinner.
rabbit chew headphones funny meme
All cables must DIE!
rabbit chew hole curtains funny meme
Rabbits have a very modern taste in curtains and will happily take them up for you.
rabbit chew toilet roll tube funny meme
That pesky cat again!
rabbit helpdesk chew cable funny meme
Would phone the help line but my rabbits chewed through my phone cable.
rabbits like toddler funny meme
You cant compare a rabbit to a toddler, i’ve never seed a toddler chew through a base board before!
rabbit takes over house funny meme
Dogs have owners, cats have staff and bunnies have slaves!
rabbit under foot funny meme.jpg
Do the bunny shuffle.
stop rabbit chewing wires funny meme
Your rabbits has been wondering why you keep buying him these tasteless treats.
vacuum after rabbits funny meme
Some days I think I should stop using a vacuum and just use a rake!
bunnyproof meme
Thats all for now bunny proofers.

If you have seen any bunny proofing memes why not send them to us via our facebook group so we can all laugh along.

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